Our end-of-life documentary consists of live interviews with multiple individuals who have plenty of experience with dying patients and have active and direct involvement in the process of dying. We have eight physicians, three nurses, three patients, plus a lawyer and a priest. From experience based opinions we addressed the most pressing issues related to end-of-life in terms of what it is—which is an unavoidable outcome. We offer the medical as well as the religious perspective. Two of the three interviewed patients have already passed.

We make a special emphasis on how the process is quite painful, it requires preparation and knowledge as well as the absolute understanding that this is a certainty and cannot be eternally prevented.

We also address the reality of end of life in terms of possibilities and statistics and challenge conventional wisdom in terms of explaining the crude probabilities. We refer in this section to the fact that the actual probability of dying in general is well known to the medical team, however, the patients and relatives usually seek to be the exception to these horrible statistics. This is exactly the kind of attitude that leads to extended hospitalizations, readmissions, many times futile procedures being performed on these patients with the resulting pain and suffering the entire family put themselves through in the name of a very elusive chance of survival.

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