At Death’s Door is a book and a TV series called Death’s Door based on my experiences as an end-of-life-care doctor. While all doctors are pledged to do everything they can to preserve life, almost all my patients are going to die within days or weeks, and sometimes a few months, so I seek to make things as comfortable as possible for the patient and reduce any unneeded suffering. I also work with the patients’ families to keep them informed, get their input, and provide comfort to them. At Death’s Door describes my day to day experiences in dealing with such patients and their families, as well as working with the nurses, doctors, palliative care professionals, and others who are involved in their treatment and care. It also tells the stories of these patients, both before and after they were diagnosed with their terminal condition. The film/TV series features a few of the most dramatic stories, and a documentary will feature interviews with medical team members, patients, and some family members.

The book, which was released in March 2017, is available through Amazon, and there is a Facebook page for the film, where you can see photos from the filming. A trailer for the first episode is on Youtube. A complete episode is available as a screener for distributors and the media. This website features the latest developments for the book and film, as well as my blog with my thoughts about current news and trends in end-of-life care. Additionally, it includes copies of press releases and clips from media coverage.